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  • I want to thank all of you at Chestnut Hill Pharmacy for the outstanding work you do every day in helping me take care of my patients. There are so many obstacles and challenges to providing care for patients in their homes - making sure they get their prescriptions is never one of those with your pharmacy. A real person always answers the phone, questions are answered quickly, problems are resolved immediately. I have the confidence of knowing that my patients, whose needs are often lengthy and complex, will always get their prescriptions. Thanks again for your invaluable service.

    — Dr. James Doghramji M.D.

  • "Not only do I get a great feeling by knowing my money is staying local, but I also feel like I am a valued customer every time I walk in the store."

    — Paul Kirk, a Chestnut Hill resident on Google+

  • "Friendly, local, and familiar... The staff here work quickly and are relational with customers. They remembered my family and that we are from the neighborhood."

    — Ryan G., a Yelp user

  • "Thank goodness for a local community pharmacy. I needed a prescription, and their price was $40 less than the CVS down the block. I buy all my OTC meds and other medical needs there."

    — Peter S., a Chestnut Hill resident on Google+

  • "Meg and Raj are very personable and know everyone's name when they come and it feels like family. They will answer any questions you have for them."

    — Steve L., a Google+ user

  • "Experienced thoughtful care: they bend over backwards to make things convenient and understandable."

    — Deborah D., a Chestnut Hill resident on Google+

  • "Wonderful pharmacy! The staff has typically gone out of their way to be helpful! HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION"

    — Sheila B., a Google+ user

  • "Support your local business. These folks are always available to you, offer solutions, and are a pleasure to work with. No wait lines!!!!"

    — Linda S., a Google+ user


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